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Dress Code
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  1.  As prescribed by the Govt. of Orissa the Uniform Dress Code is mandatory for the students. Dress Code as follows:
Category Class Item Colour with Shade Code Quality Name Producting Company
Boys +2 Classes Trouser Navy Blue Shade - 4 Raynold Weil Micron Suitings
  +3 Classes -do- -do- -do- -do-
+2 Classes Shirt light Pesta Green Shade - 14 Tie Cotton Ramesh Shirtings
+3 Classes -do- Sky Blue Shade - 48 -do- -do-
Girls +2 Classes Salwar Navy Blue Shade - 29 -do- -do-
  +3 Classes -do- -do- -do- -do-
+2 Classes Kurta / Kameej light Pesta Green Shade - 14 -do- -do-
+3 Classes -do- Sky Blue Shade - 48 -do- -do-
+2 /+3 Classes Chuni / Dupatta Navy Blue ........ ........
2. The boys are required to use black shoes with navy blue socks and girls to use black colour sandal.
3. In winter, students are advised to use Navy blue colour Sweater or Blazor.
The Kurta for girls must be of knee length with half sleeve or full sleeve and with round neck.(In no case V-neck or U-neck is allowed).
5. For boys, Shirts can be of half sleeve or full sleeve preferebly full sleeve.
6. Use of navy blue colour tie embroidered with College Monogram is compulsory for boys.
7. The Trouser for boys must be normal Trouser with two pleats.
The students are advised to purchase the specific cloth from around 14 nos of Retail Shops located in all most all important lacalities of Rourkela to avoid poor quality materials and shades differences. The list of the Retail outlets has been notified in the College Notice Board and is also available with the Head Clerk. It can be purchased from any other shops also, If required material is available.
9. The specific cloth sample is available and displayed in Head Clerk's Chamber for reference.
The Dress Code is mandatory and the students will not allowed to enter the college campus without proper dress code in all working days including ceremonial days.
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Dress Code
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